Sensitive Cookie in HTTPS Session Without 'Secure' Attribute in erudika/para


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Jul 14th 2022


The Secure attribute for sensitive cookies in HTTPS sessions is not set, which could cause the user agent to send those cookies in plaintext over an HTTP session.

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If possible, you should set the Secure flag for these cookies.


When a cookie is set with the Secure flag, it instructs the browser that the cookie can only be accessed over secure SSL/TLS channels. This is an important security protection for session cookies. The secure flag should be set on all cookies that are used for transmitting sensitive data when accessing content over HTTPS. If cookies are used to transmit session tokens, then areas of the application that are accessed over HTTPS should employ their own session handling mechanism, and the session tokens used should never be transmitted over unencrypted communications.

We are processing your report and will contact the erudika/para team within 24 hours. 20 days ago
We have contacted a member of the erudika/para team and are waiting to hear back 19 days ago
Alex Bogdanovski validated this vulnerability 18 days ago
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Kiran PP
17 days ago


The cookie (para-auth) is yet not fixed. Once the case is solved, are you happy to assign a CVE for this one?? @maintainer @admin

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Alex Bogdanovski confirmed that a fix has been merged on 02ee9e 16 days ago
Alex Bogdanovski has been awarded the fix bounty
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