Improper path sanitization allows remote read of sensitive system resources in pufferpanel/pufferpanel


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Jun 25th 2022

In pufferpanel/files.go there is an EnsureAccess method that accepts a source string and prefix argument. This function attempts to validate that the path being requested is within the scope of the server's operating directory. However, there is a logic bug in this function that improperly passes the provided source argument into filepath.Abs() thus defeating the call to findFullPath. As a result, the check using strings.HasPrefix() always passes in the original source string, rather than the path that is found from findFullPath.

This vulnerability has existed since the inception of the 2.0 branch.


This vulnerability allows malicious server instances to easily allow remote file access, even when the server process is run within isolation (e.g. Docker) due to the filesystem handling logic. As a result, I can trigger the equivalent of ln -s /etc/passwd passwd.json, even inside a container, and when the PufferPanel instance goes to resolve the file it will improperly resolve it to the host machine's /etc/passwd file.


As a proof of concept, instantiate a server process (even inside of a Docker container), or manually simulate the creation of a symlink in a server's data directory that points to a resource outside the server's data directory.

For example,

ln -s /etc/passwd passwd.json

Then, in the panel's file manager open passwd.json and see the contents of the host's /etc/passwd file.

In addition, I can create a generic symlink for /etc in the directory. While the panel appears to think this symlink is a file (and shows a bunch of JSON when attempting to open it), this actually opens a much more insidious approach. Once that is linked, I can use the download endpoint to request any file within the host's /etc directory and download it.

For example, requesting

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