OS Command Injection in sofianehamlaoui/lockdoor-framework


Reported on

Jun 25th 2021

✍️ Description

Command Injection due to unsanitized variable named algo

🕵️‍♂️ Proof of Concept

💥 Impact

CI with the highest privilege.


We have contacted a member of the sofianehamlaoui/lockdoor-framework team and are waiting to hear back a year ago
a year ago
sofianehamlaoui/lockdoor-framework maintainer validated this vulnerability a year ago
Ajmal Aboobacker has been awarded the disclosure bounty
The fix bounty is now up for grabs
Mohamed Dief submitted a
a year ago
x3rz submitted a
a year ago
x3rz submitted a
a year ago
Sofiane Hamlaoui confirmed that a fix has been merged on 85de08 a year ago
x3rz has been awarded the fix bounty
a year ago


@x3rz Patch & Fix Confirmed!

Mohamed Dief
a year ago

Hey Sofiane, You're still vulnerable to arbitrary code execution. The fix has been applied doesn't protect from all cases, should i submit a new disclosure on huntr?

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