XSS in user supplied title in nuxt/nuxt


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Feb 7th 2023


The useHead function does not sanitize tags inserted in each property, including the title property.


The useHead repository is a wrapper around vueuse/head which wraps unjs/unhead which wraps harlan-zw/zhead. The possibility of XSS is not described as being a vulnerability in the root repositories (see here and here).

Therefore nuxt, and some nuxt packages (content, bridge) are misusing/misdocumenting this feature.

The fact that the useHead function is vulnerable to XSS appears to be known by the community:

But the these dangers are not documented directly on nuxt or vueuse or unjs/head docs. You have to look at the lowest level utility zhead to understand that this may be dangerous. Even at that point it's not completely obvious that possibility of XSS when using title within useHead, as this seems like a safe feature, compared to scripts which are obviously inherently dangerous.

This lack of documentation means that It may not be obvious to developers that useHead title is an unsafe feature, and you can find instances of developers making this mistake if you search. I would definitely say most developers would assume setting the page title will be safe, setting title in nuxt2 does not have this issue.

User supplied data within the title is a common practice.

Proof of Concept

<div>Hello world!</div>

<script setup lang="ts">
  const r = useRoute()

     title: r.query.title as string

Create a production build, start the build, navigate to the url http://site/?title=</title><script>alert(1)</script> This vulnerability only occurs during SSR.


It seems like there is a plan to implement a safe version of this function in vueuse. I think this weakness should be documented for the moment, or creating a wrapper useHead that HTML encodes title.


XSS can give an attacker access to sensitive information or actions.

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Vulnerability has been fixed in downstream component https://github.com/unjs/unhead/issues/97

a year ago


Fixed upstream! https://github.com/nuxt/nuxt/commit/88b895a23a855135c5c8ee53183677e17aad1a12

Daniel Roe validated this vulnerability a year ago

Thank you for this - great work. <title> XSS is resolved. As far as potential XSS in innerHTML I think we can document the risks of setting html directly, and we plan to provide a sanitisation option to make it easy for devs.

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