Out of Range Pointer offset in mb_charlen of mbyte.c in vim/vim


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Feb 6th 2023


Out of Range Pointer offset in mb_charlen of mbyte.c

# Vim Version
git log
commit 78012f55faf7444e554c0a97a589d99fa215bea9 (HEAD -> master, tag: v9.0.1275, origin/master, origin/HEAD)

 # POC
./vim -u NONE -X -Z -e -s -S poc01.dat -c ':qa!'
Segmentation Fault

gdb ./vim
(gdb) run -u NONE -X -Z -e -s -S /home1/poc01.dat
Starting program: /home1/vim/src/vim -u NONE -X -Z -e -s -S /home1/poc01.dat
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libthread_db.so.1".
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
mb_charlen (str=str@entry=0x55554a1f61ad <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x55554a1f61ad>) at mbyte.c:4437
4437        for (count = 0; *p != NUL; count++)
Dump of assembler code for function mb_charlen:
   0x00005555558df190 <+0>: endbr64
   0x00005555558df194 <+4>: push   %r13
   0x00005555558df196 <+6>: push   %r12
   0x00005555558df198 <+8>: push   %rbp
   0x00005555558df199 <+9>: push   %rbx
   0x00005555558df19a <+10>:    sub    $0x8,%rsp
   0x00005555558df19e <+14>:    mov    0x633e43(%rip),%r12        # 0x555555f12fe8
   0x00005555558df1a5 <+21>:    mov    0x660714(%rip),%rbp        # 0x555555f3f8c0 <__afl_area_ptr>
   0x00005555558df1ac <+28>:    mov    %fs:(%r12),%eax
   0x00005555558df1b1 <+33>:    test   %rdi,%rdi
   0x00005555558df1b4 <+36>:    je     0x5555558df278 <mb_charlen+232>
   0x00005555558df1ba <+42>:    xor    $0xbcdd,%eax
   0x00005555558df1bf <+47>:    mov    %rdi,%rbx
   0x00005555558df1c2 <+50>:    xor    %ecx,%ecx
   0x00005555558df1c4 <+52>:    add    %rbp,%rax
   0x00005555558df1c7 <+55>:    movzbl (%rax),%edx
   0x00005555558df1ca <+58>:    add    $0x1,%dl
   0x00005555558df1cd <+61>:    jb     0x5555558df2b5 <mb_charlen+293>
   0x00005555558df1d3 <+67>:    add    %edx,%ecx
   0x00005555558df1d5 <+69>:    mov    %cl,(%rax)
   0x00005555558df1d7 <+71>:    movl   $0x5e6e,%fs:(%r12)
=> 0x00005555558df1e0 <+80>:    cmpb   $0x0,(%rbx)
   0x00005555558df1e3 <+83>:    je     0x5555558df2a0 <mb_charlen+272>
   0x00005555558df1e9 <+89>:    mov    $0x5e6e,%esi
   0x00005555558df1ee <+94>:    xor    %r13d,%r13d
   0x00005555558df1f1 <+97>:    nopl   0x0(%rax)
(gdb) info registers
rax            0x555555f55fd6      93825002725334
rbx            0x555520dd9b5d      93824111975261
rcx            0x2                 2
rdx            0x2                 2
rsi            0x2                 2
rdi            0x555520dd9b5d      93824111975261
rbp            0x555555f4bba0      0x555555f4bba0 <__afl_area_initial>
rsp            0x7fffffffc510      0x7fffffffc510
r8             0x7fffffffc940      140737488341312
r9             0x1                 1
r10            0x5                 5
r11            0x555555f55e9e      93825002725022
r12            0xffffffffffffffe0  -32
r13            0x555520dd9b5d      93824111975261
r14            0xffffffffffffffe0  -32
r15            0xffffffffffffffe0  -32
rip            0x5555558df1e0      0x5555558df1e0 <mb_charlen+80>
eflags         0x10202             [ IF RF ]
cs             0x33                51
ss             0x2b                43
ds             0x0                 0
es             0x0                 0
fs             0x0                 0
gs             0x0                 0
k0             0xcff80000          3489136640
k1             0x1                 1
k2             0x11100001          286261249
(gdb) list
4432        int     count;
4434        if (p == NULL)
4435        return 0;
4437        for (count = 0; *p != NUL; count++)
4438        p += (*mb_ptr2len)(p);
4440        return count;
4441    }
[Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7ffff7b9d880 (LWP 3830611))]
(gdb) print p
$1 = (char_u *) 0x555520dd9b5d <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x555520dd9b5d>
(gdb) print count
$2 = 0
(gdb) bt
#0  mb_charlen (
    str=str@entry=0x555520dd9b5d <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x555520dd9b5d>)
    at mbyte.c:4437
#1  0x0000555555b49135 in fuzzy_match (
    str=str@entry=0x555520dd9b5d <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x555520dd9b5d>, 
    pat_arg=pat_arg@entry=0x555556161b93 "ss ", matchseq=matchseq@entry=0, 
    outScore=outScore@entry=0x7fffffffc6f0, matches=matches@entry=0x7fffffffc940, 
    maxMatches=maxMatches@entry=256) at search.c:4522
#2  0x0000555555a3b79c in vgr_match_buflines (flags=<optimized out>, 
    duplicate_name=<optimized out>, tomatch=0x7fffffffc7b0, regmatch=0x7fffffffc7d8, 
    spat=<optimized out>, buf=<optimized out>, fname=<optimized out>, qfl=<optimized out>)
    at quickfix.c:6115
#3  vgr_process_files (target_dir=<synthetic pointer>, first_match_buf=<synthetic pointer>, 
    redraw_for_dummy=<synthetic pointer>, cmd_args=0x7fffffffc7b0, qi=<optimized out>, 
    wp=<optimized out>) at quickfix.c:6351
#4  ex_vimgrep (eap=<optimized out>) at quickfix.c:6478
#5  0x00005555557952a8 in do_one_cmd (cookie=<optimized out>, fgetline=<optimized out>, 
    cstack=0x7fffffffd0f0, flags=<optimized out>, cmdlinep=0x7fffffffcea0) at ex_docmd.c:2580
#6  do_cmdline (cmdline=cmdline@entry=0x55555616ead0 "lv[ss [fg\233", 
    fgetline=fgetline@entry=0x555555b1bb40 <getsourceline>, cookie=cookie@entry=0x7fffffffd830, 
    flags=flags@entry=7) at ex_docmd.c:993
#7  0x0000555555b1f8e0 in do_source_ext (fname=<optimized out>, check_other=<optimized out>, 
    is_vimrc=<optimized out>, ret_sid=<optimized out>, eap=<optimized out>, 
    clearvars=<optimized out>) at scriptfile.c:1759
#8  0x0000555555b22efc in do_source (ret_sid=0x0, is_vimrc=0, check_other=0, 
    fname=0x55555615cbb3 "output/fuzzer04/crashes/id:000000,sig:11,sync:fuzzer07,src:040482")
    at scriptfile.c:1905

# Impact

This vulnerability is capable of crashing software, reading and modify memory.
We are processing your report and will contact the vim team within 24 hours. 4 months ago
We have contacted a member of the vim team and are waiting to hear back 4 months ago
3 months ago


Hi Admin, can I check if there are any updates to the current CWE discovered for Vim?

ongk0077 modified the report
3 months ago
2 months ago


Hi Sir, this is the shortened POC for your reference: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HZOYLlrQPTdaL5TkkNNvFLigUPwjeXRq/view?usp=share_link

Issue could still be replicated as of the latest version.

ongk0077 modified the report
2 months ago
Bram Moolenaar validated this vulnerability a month ago

Finally found time to try to reproduce this. And yes, I can reproduce. It appears it goes into an endless loop though. I'll have to do some work to make a regression test for this.

ongk0077 has been awarded the disclosure bounty
The fix bounty is now up for grabs
The researcher's credibility has increased: +7
Bram Moolenaar marked this as fixed in 9.0.1499 with commit caf642 a month ago
Bram Moolenaar has been awarded the fix bounty
This vulnerability has been assigned a CVE
Bram Moolenaar published this vulnerability a month ago
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