vulnerability cross-site scripting (xss)
severity 7.2
language php
registry other


The bludit software allows admins to set social buttons which are used to redirect people to the social accounts of the company who's using bludit. However, there isn't any url validation in place, which makes possible crafting arbitrary a HTML tags which could lead to stored XSS and similar issues.

Since the users can have different privileges and admin can be more than one, a malicious admin could craft the social button and ask to another admin to check if it worked correctly, while XSS occurs and sensitive information or cookies are stealed using the injected JS.


  1. Download bludit
  2. Start a server on the root of the project (php -S
  3. Go on http://localhost:8001/ and proceed with the installation
  4. Let's have 2 accounts (A == admin attacker and V == admin victim)
  5. A goes on and changes the social buttons to javascript:alert(domain) and clicks Save
  6. V is alerted by A about the new social buttons and clicks on them
  7. XSS is popped