Cross-site Scripting (XSS) - Stored in librenms/librenms


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Feb 12th 2022


Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in LibreNMS v22.1.0 which allows attackers to execute arbitrary javascript code in the browser of a victim which affected Devices module (Add Device) in sysName, Hardware and Community fields.

Proof of Concept


1 POST http://{HOST}/addhost





XSS will fire-up by user visiting:

1 http://{HOST}/device-dependencies - sysName, Community

2 http://{HOST}/eventlog - hardware

3 http://{HOST}/services - sysName


PoC images:

1 payload sysName

2 XSS-sysName field

3 XSS-hardware

4 payload Community

5 XSS-cookie


This vulnerability is capable of running malicious javascript code on web pages, stealing a user's cookie and gain unauthorized access to that user's account through the stolen cookie.


        $additional = [];
        if (! $snmp_enabled) {
            $snmpver = 'v2c';
            $additional = [
                'snmp_disable' => 1,
                'os'           => $_POST['os'] ? $_POST['os_id'] : 'ping',
                'hardware'     => $_POST['hardware'],   # XSS-affected
                'sysName'      => $_POST['sysName'],    # XSS-affected
We are processing your report and will contact the librenms team within 24 hours. a year ago
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Faisal Fs ⚔️ modified the report
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Faisal Fs ⚔️ modified the report
a year ago
PipoCanaja validated this vulnerability a year ago
Faisal Fs ⚔️ has been awarded the disclosure bounty
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PipoCanaja marked this as fixed in 22.2.0 with commit 4f8691 a year ago
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This vulnerability will not receive a CVE has been validated
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