We fund
open source security.

We pay security researchers for finding vulnerabilities in any GitHub repository and maintainers for fixing them.

90% of users

Got their first CVE

1.7 CVEs

Avg. per user

Protecting 1000+ repos

Protecting open source software

The world's largest bug bounty programme

Reverse Bounties

Supporting those who find vulnerabilities, as well as those who fix them.

Submit a vulnerability

Global Recognition

All valid reports are eligible for a CVE and are made into public write-ups.

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Millions of targets

With an almost unlimited scope, you won't have to worry about duplicates again!

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Our process

The story of vulnerability disclosure, from start to finish

1. Disclosure

The researcher finds a potential vulnerability in open-source and reports it through our disclosure form

2. Notification

The maintainer is notified of the report via. email or GitHub communication

3. Validation

The maintainer validates the vulnerability

4. Reward

The researcher is awarded the disclosure bounty for their successful vulnerability report

5. Fix

The maintainer submits a fix for the vulnerability and is awarded a fix bounty

6. CVE

The researcher's report will be assigned a CVE (within one hour!) if the vulnerability is found in the top 40% most popular open-source repositories

Funding open source security

Working with maintainers to support their projects


For all open source software

$250 pot
Paid by huntr
Reverse bounties
Promoted repo


For registered maintainers

$250 pot
Paid by huntr
Reverse bounties
Promoted repo


For commercial OSS

Unlimited pot
Paid by enterprise
Triage support
Promoted repo